Questions You May Want To Ask

The data that our reefer equipment records is confidential and for Hilo Courier internal eyes only. However, customers are more than welcome to place their own data recorder in with the cargo. In these instances placement is crucial to the accuracy of information and we would recommend the use of more than one such recorder.
This is entirely dependent on the specific nature of the hazardous cargo. There are some consignments we will not carry, either on legal, ethical or environmental grounds. Contact your local Hilo Courier office for further clarification. If your cargo is not one of those prohibited, then Hilo Courier will be happy to transport it. We have experienced teams all over the world that can help you through the whole shipping process. Our global chemical support department (based in Antwerp), meanwhile, is on hand to ensure that your shipment meets the stringent compliance requirements of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. They can also deal with any contingency along the way.
Yes. We can coordinate this process at your origin port or nearby depots (providing the origin port is capable of loading the cargo in the first place).
Yes. In these circumstances Hilo Courier dehumidifies its standard containers before transit to ensure they are suitable for transporting food-stuffs.
Yes. We’ve put together a comprehensive stuffing guide that details best practice when it comes to packing your container – both for dry vans and refrigerated containers.
When you book the shipping of your breakbulk or out-of-gauge cargo with Hilo Courier we can arrange the transport on your behalf – whether through our own intermodal services, other suppliers or a combination of both. This will be determined by your own preferences as well as the availability of transport services at either port.
Yes. Hilo Courier has an extensive inventory of more than 10 million containers including 20’, 40’ and high cube boxes.
Yes. With our extensive road and rail networks combined with our outstanding port coverage Hilo Courier can provide optimised routing – loading and unloading closer to your point of origin/destination. This way we minimize the time, money and carbon footprint of the inland transport leg of the journey.
The rate of duty applicable will be dependent on the commodity code of the goods you wish to import and the country of origin. All this information can be obtained by contacting any of our agents
Again, the rate of VAT is dependent on the product(s) being imported. Standard UK VAT, for example, is 20% but certain goods may be liable to a reduced or ‘nil’ rate of VAT.All this information can be obtained by contacting any of our agents